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Congratulations to Grace Lau who recently wore the SEN-旋-SPARK Kata Uniform 


Made by Tokaido in Japan when ordered, the SEN-閃-SPARK kata do-gi was developed through extensive research and investigation with competitors of many styles and organizations competing in WKF Kata Competitions. Specialized sizing provides ease of movement and a distinctive style with heavier weight for drapery folds that enhance the characteristic “snap” sound made when doing kata. The SEN-閃-SPARK uses a 10oz weight combination of 70% cotton and 30% polyester for strength, comfort, ease of movement with a distinctive Kata style.

Jacket Length*** Please note that the jacket is 3 cm longer in the back to provide needed space for freedom of movement while retaining the well balanced, symmetrical look of the jacket in front and back.

WKF Approved: The WKF label and attractive TOKAIDO kick-man logo embroidered on right chest and on the back under the neck comes standard.

For Karate - 1 Events If you would like the TOKAIDO kanji 東海堂   in  RED or BLUE  . We will make the TOKAIDO logo the same color as the shoulder embroidery that you choose. 

Click here for the SEN-閃-SPARK Size chart  to confirm that the uniform has the measurements you desire for a proper fit.

The uniform will shrink 2.5% in length and 2.5% in width.

Production Time 

This uniform requires 9 weeks for production.


* please choose red/blue embrodiery under the option column*


* Custom made * uniform is available please contact us via whatsapp 55481932

* also if you want to add embrodiery onto the uniform ,  please contact us via whatsapp 55481932*

(pre-order)SEN-旋-SPARK Kata Uniform( Made in Japan) size 4/4.5

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