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Boxing / Kickboxing gloves with Velcro fastener made of the best cowhide leather & “FLX PU” combination. The wide "All Around" Velcro fastener offers extra stability in the wrist and makes the glove ideal for heavy bag training. An extra layer of foam over the wrist offers additional protection when blocking hits or kicks. The pre-curved, multi-layer latex foam of the "Easy Fist System" requires minimal effort for a firm punch. Handle bar on the palm and sewn-on thumb offer additional fist comfort and security. An ideal glove for boxing and kickboxing sparring, heavy bag and mitt training.


  • Genuine leather on the outside for more durability
  • Inside, wrist cuff and Velcro strap are made of  „FLX PU“
  • Multi-layer latex foam cushioning protects the ankles
  • EFS „Easy Fist System“ thanks to the optimal pre-curvature
  • Sewn-on thumbs protects the opponent from eye injuries
  • Extra padding over the wrist protects while blocking punches


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