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The original Adi-Start uniform was the best seller in Korea. It was popular for its ribbed fabric and economic cost. The NEW Adi-Start II is an enhanced and newly designed uniform which utilizes a brand new fabric developed by adidas. The new material is an improvement on design and comfort and is WTF approved. Please note the front emblem has also changed on the new adistart II TKD uniform.

* Constructed from a newly a newly developed embossed material.
* Improved design for added comfort.
* WTF Approved.
* Note front emblem has changed.
* Set includes Jacket and pants only.
* No belt included.
練習與國內賽事皆可穿著 快速吸濕排汗不黏腳,不論進攻、防守、移動都順暢無阻 輕量抗皺面料能充分體現跆拳道的帥氣挺拔 LOGO位置:右胸及右大腿處 材質:100%人造纖維 產地:中國 尺寸: 120 公分 (身高113-122適用) 130 公分 (身高123-132適用) 140 公分 (身高133-142適用) 150 公分 (身高143-152適用) 160 公分 (身高153-162 適用) 170公分 (身高163-172 適用) 180 公分 (身高173-182 適用) 190 公分 (身高183-192 適用)

Adidas adistart II uniform (new model)

HK$498.00 Regular Price
HK$398.00Sale Price
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